Seul Lee

Seul Lee often works with figurative, site-specific sculptures, inspired by her own experiences. ‘I was trying to figure out how to survive the gloomy weather in London and discovered a Japanese farmers’ tradition where they hang dolls called TeruTeru-Bozu outside their windows to stop the rain. They are supposed to have magical power to bring good weather so I created my own version of this doll to bring good weather to London.’


Teru-Teru Tenshi,

Plaster Polymer,

each 50cm high,


Seul Lee is a Korean American. She was brought up in San Francisco and studied in New York. After moving to London she earned an MA in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art in 2014. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and has worked as an film art director in USA, Korea, China and UK and was selected in Show Forbes Magazine US.