Jing Hu


Jing Hu is a motion graphics and visual effects designer, multimedia artist.

Born in Jiangxi Province, China in 1988, she relocated to London where she gained MA Art and Science, Central Saint Martins, 2015.

In 2010 she achieved a BA, Industrial Design (Department of Digital Art & Design), Wuhan University of Technology, Hubei Province, China.

In my interdisciplinary art practice I use CGI and motion graphics to research and discuss biomedicine, cognitive neuroscience and psychology, while inspired by sci-fi and cult films.

Through elaborated storylines my work originates from thoughts on dignity and the manipulator or manipulated in science. I research implanted and external devices, such as prosthesis and various medical apparatus embedded into the human body and the concept of Cyborg. I am also interested in how the application of such technologies can influence and manipulate people’s physical and mental state.

Using anatomy and contemporary biomedical technology, I conceive apparatus that has not yet been invented, apparatus that could potentially influence people’s interactions or highlight the absurdity of people’s existential capabilities.

Most of my art pieces have elaborated storylines. I use digital motion graphics and visual effects of various types to visualise and describe them.