Jeroen Van Dooren


The truth is whatever I can make the audience to believe. – Jeroen van Dooren
My work stems from an interest in identity and encompasses both fictional writing and fine art. The process begins with writing fictional characters so-called heteronyms and understanding how that character, the heteronym, would make art. What kind of art would an architect make or a person with obsessive compulsive disorder? The answers to these questions manifest themselves as different objects, prints, sculptures, installations and videos. These works of art portray the characteristics of the individuals I have created, with works varying depending on the character. The heteronyms themselves come to life in a fabricated reality aided and encouraged by text pieces, performances and audio and video works. The complexity of the work touches upon and integrates: privacy, fame, ownership, authorship, authenticity, promotion or branding, gender and racial issues, economics, politics, subjectivity and performativity.